By now, you’re familiar with the many benefits of selling on Amazon. But you also know there are some real downsides. Their platform places certain limitations on how you’re able to present your products. They decide things like where on the page photos and text go and how many pictures and characters you’re allowed. For vendors who use it, A+ Content provides more ways to share information with the people who visit your product page.
With A+ Content, you can offer additional text, larger images, and product comparison charts. In some cases, you can even share multimedia content like videos and interactive features to your product listing. The top of your product page will still look the same as it did before. However, anyone who scrolls further down the page will see your A+ Content in a section labeled, “From the Manufacturer.” It’s above the reviews and below the similar products Amazon features on the page. And, while A+ Content used to cost money, as of the beginning of 2018, Basic A+ Content is free to first-party sellers using Vendor Central.

Should You Use A+ Content?

If you’re a third-party Amazon seller who uses Seller Central, then the answer to that question has been decided for you. You can’t use A+ Content (although you can use Enhanced Brand Content – more on that option to come). If you’re a first-party seller on Vendor Central, though, then the answer is probably a strong “yes, you should.”

Benefits of A+ Content

You can provide visitors with additional information. 

88% of consumers spend time doing research before making a purchasing decision. They want to know that what they’re getting will fit their needs and be a purchase they won’t regret. To make an informed purchasing decision, they need a good grasp of exactly what your product is. They want to know what it can do, any special features it offers, and what makes it different from other products on the market.

You do have some space to make that case with your product title and the bullet points you include in the description. Yet, the A+ Content section allows you extra room to provide more information and flexibility in how you present the information.

You can offer information in a variety of formats.

Even more notably, you can share that information in a variety of ways that can help you reach different customers in their preferred format. Consumers who like a detailed comparison between different options will appreciate a product comparison chart. Those who learn better through labeled images than through a list of bullets will get a deeper view of your product’s features. And, you can use high-quality visuals to help draw attention to it all and create a memorable experience for visitors to the page.

It increases conversions.

The other benefits are all about achieving this one. Amazon says that using A+ Content increases sales 3-10% for brands. The short and simple reason to use A+ Content: it could make you more money.

Downsides of A+ Content

It won’t help with your rankings

It’s important to have realistic expectations of what A+ Content can do for your Amazon listings, so we want to be clear about what it won’t do for you. If you’re struggling to show up high enough in the Amazon listings to get clicks, then adding A+ content to your page won’t make any difference there (you need to work on your Amazon SEO for that). A+ Content only becomes useful once someone clicks through to your Amazon product page.

Creating the content takes work.

If you want visitors to see eye-catching images and compelling content when they click on your listing, you’ll have to create it. Your A+ Content section will only be as good as what you put into it.

How Amazon A+ Content Works

If you’re ready to start using Amazon A+ Content on your product listings, here are the main things you need to know to get started.

A+ Content Options

Basic A+ Content

Basic A+ Content is what’s now free for all sellers in Vendor Central. It offers the ability to add up to five modules of content that include images and text. For most vendors, this is the option it will make the most sense to use.

Premium A+ Content

For select vendors, Amazon allows the option of paying for Premium A+ Content, which allows for up to seven modules that can include videos and interactive content in addition to images and text.

While the features available in Premium A+ modules are pretty compelling, the option is pricy enough that most vendors will be better off sticking with Basic A+ Content.

Then, enter the ASIN for the product page you want to start with. If you sell several variations on the same product (different colors, for instance), you can select to add them all to the same project. You’ll then be prompted to create a Project Name. Then, you’ll be able to start creating and editing modules for the page.
There are some standard module formats you can choose from by dragging your preferred option into the editor. Then, Amazon will allow you to start adding in images and filling in content for each module you’ve selected.
Once you’re in the A+ Content Editor, each page you’re on will give you instructions on how to make the changes you want, so the process is overall pretty intuitive.

So, now that it’s free, A+ Content is an easy way to make your product listings stronger. If you have time to create the images and content to fill in this space, there’s no good reason not to do so. It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s likely to get you some new sales.