The Most Flexible And Cost Effective Amazon Advertising Management Platform and Agency Solution

ProfitCue is the most flexible Amazon advertising management solution on the market today. We combine the best of both human and machine collaboration to ensure that your Amazon account scales rapidly and profitably. You will have access to U.S. based account planners on any size account to ensure that our powerful platform is implemented in a way to best meet your business needs. We offer software only, full service agency, or hybrid training models because we don’t believe in a one size fits all solution.

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Our Platform to Optimize Your Amazon Performance

Algorithmic Bidding Built By Retailers For Retailers

Use our world-class bid optimization tool to automate and optimize your campaigns to maximize your bottom line. Use out of the box best practices, or customize using any piece of available data.

Product Performace Integration

See your individual- and account-level profitability, and how your ad spend is impacting your overall product performance and Account health. Optimize your product listings to best convert your ad channels.

Amazon Ad Accelerator Program

Every sized account gets access to real Amazon experts to help configure the software using decades of our real world best practices. Stay on top of changes to Amazon’s algorithms and new product features with our helpful U.S. based experts to help guide you.

Flexible Plans and Flat, Transparent Pricing

Take advantage of our team’s Amazon experience to help implement and optimize your account. Whether you are comfortable with self service, need full service, need an internal transition plan, we’ll work with you to find the right solution at the time you need it.


Set your ads up for success with intelligent, algorithmic keyword bidding. We’ll make sure every bid is set so you’re capturing more sales at the price that makes sense for you.

We leverage data from across our entire seller base and combine it with your product margins, conversion rates, and expected sales per conversion to create the perfect keyword bid.


The more you know about where specifically you’re making money and where you may be falling short, the better prepared you are to optimize your offerings for success and grow your brand on Amazon and beyond. Use the insights you learn to take your business to the next level:

  • Real-time profit insights – Access your profit dashboard for real-time updates on product listing performance.
  • Product sales trending – Find out how to optimize your listings for growth.
  • Use our intelligence keyword tool to start out with targeting options that match to what your customers are looking for.
  • Data at scale – Access your data in our lightining fast environment to make decisions any time.

Amazon Expertise



We start with your business goals. Everything we do for your brand takes into account the holistic view of your company and works toward your objectives.


We take a holistic approach to managing brands’ supply chain to retain control of pricing, product and sales – and ultimately make more profit.


We execute your business strategy through Amazon and marketplace services, logistics consulting, e-commerce support and insightful analytics.


“We’re a seasonal company with very large growth goals. In a short time, ProfitCue was able to assess my brand’s current marketing position, then launch a coordinated Amazon strategy from scratch that allowed our business to grow over 50%. I haven’t met a consulting firm like BazaarScout before that has such a holistic view of how to help a brand scale.

I would highly recommend them.”


Proven Track Record

ProfitCue has over two decades of experience in Amazon Marketplace management and has worked with a broad spectrum of brands to optimize marketplace performance. From supporting startups, to digitally native vertical brands, to Fortune 500 companies, BazaarScout’s patented technology has a plan for your business.



Learning & Automation

Our ad module uses machine learning and automation, which leads to higher conversion rates, boosting sales and rankings.

Built By Retailers

Built By Retailers

We Know Our Stuff

Our team is comprised of leaders in the e-commerce retail space, which means the technology is built to help you scale profitably.



Unlimited Data Within Budget

The ProfitCue platform can handle any size business and unlimited data at a fraction of a cost of our competitors so you get more, but pay less.

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Boosting Amazon Marketplace Results